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What We Do

Goff Media and Marketing has been helping small, medium and large businesses develop affordable advertising and marketing campaigns for over twenty years. We help grow our clients businesses through a combination of standout creative and traffic building marketing ideas, utilizing a wide variety of advertising mediums including internet, television, radio, print and direct marketing. Goff Media clients have enjoyed fairly quick increases in sales of between twenty and four hundred percent.
What Is Our Secret?

  • a) We learn about your marketplace and customers.
  • b) We brand a message that is both compelling, persuasive and attention getting.
  • c) c) We lower your total cost of advertising by 20-40% by increasing your reach and buying your media more cost effectively than traditional advertising agencies.

Over the years, many of our clients have become brand leaders and won industry awards for sales and profit growth. And, a number of our advertising campaigns have also been nationally recognized for creativity and excellence.
What We Can Offer Your Business

Brand Development
Image and campaign creation, plus campaign management

Sales concepts and marketing ideas

Media planning and buying
We aim to increase your reach while lowering your total cost of advertising.

Award winning design and production for radio, television, direct mail, e-commerce, and outdoor advertising.

Media Relations ,Market Research

Goff Media is so confident that our advertising and marketing principles will increase your companies business, that we now offer a Results Guarantee.

Contact us for details.

Portfolio of Pride
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Whalley Computer Associates - Technology Makeover

In 2007, Whalley Computer Associates was approached by HP Compaq Corporation about conducting a "$30,000.00 Technology Makeover". The premise was to create a contest where businesses and organizations could make their case for a "Technology Makeover". In addition to having the chance to win, the entrants would also become potential customers for Whalley Computer. Goff Media was delighted to take on the challenge of creating and promoting this exciting contest. We developed a media campaign comprised of television, radio, newspaper and public relations. Even though we had a tight advertising budget, we were able to negotiate a tremendous amount of additional promotion from our media partners by affiliating them with the contest. Our public relations department generated a substantial amount of news stories in the media including several nightly news interviews in prime time before and after the contest ended. The results were impressive. HPCompaq reported that Whalley Computer generated five times the entries of their best comparable "Technology Makeover" contest conducted by other computer resellers. Whalley Computer Associates has been recognized as a Top 1% computer reseller in North America, and a Fast 100 Growth Company by CRN magazine

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Baystate Rug - Alex from Design

When we first met the staff of Baystate Rug, the store had a heritage position of over thirty years in their marketplace, but no developed advertising program. Goff Media created a branding program for the store, including a flamboyant interior design character whose primary purpose in life is to find deplorable floors and redesign them at Baystate Rug. "Alex from Redesign" debuted on television with immediate success. Store traffic increased 300% within three months. The campaign has also helped the company weather the recent housing bust and recession better than most, and was recently named "Mohawk Floorscapes Northeast Flooring Store of the Year" in 2009.

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Suburban Chevrolet - Gas Freedom

In early 2008, the national automobile market was in the grips of a serious recession which ultimately precipitated the bankruptcy of General Motors and Chrysler. Our automotive clients were also suffering, especially with fuel prices skyrocketing past $4 per gallon. One of our automotive clients, Suburban Chevrolet, asked us to develop news sales concepts that could put a little "vroom" back into the dealership. Since we knew that fuel sales were crimping buying decisions, we proposed a sales concept whereas the dealership would pay the difference in a buyer's gas cost over a minimum price. Entitled "Gas Freedom", the dealership offered buyers the incentive of paying their entire cost of gas incurred over $1.99 per gallon for two years. The response from buyers was swift and positive.Dealership floor traffic increased and sales increased. Soon after generating positive sales, other dealerships took note and this campaign became a copycat across the region.

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In 2002, Goff Media was contacted by a railroad equipment company to sell railroad locomotives on the nascent new world wide web. We discovered that the market for this product is extremely small and limited. A very specialized marketing plan would need to be developed. Goff Media developed the "" as well as a marketing plan to attract resellers, industry participants and buyers. Marketing in specific customer channels and industry news was developed to reach potential buyers. was profitable from its first month of operations. Since that time, sales have consistently "choo-choo'ed" ahead at more than 40 percent a year. has since become one of the most visited railroad equipment websites on the internet.



Fly By Night - Maxtrix Kids Bedroom

Fly By Night had become a cool brand name in futons over twenty years ago. By 2005, the company was interested in developing other product lines including kid's furniture. After researching the children's bedroom marketplace, we indentified that 75% of the "pull" comes from the children. With a focus on reaching kids, we devised a catchy TV ad that conveys the functionality, uniqueness and FUN of their children's bedrooms. With an advertisements airing on children's television programming and internet, Fly By Nights Kids furniture has been one of the bright growth categories during a severe recession. And, yes, the kids do ask their parents to bring them to Fly By Night to see the furniture.

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Providence Auto Body "Goliath Insurance"

When Providence Auto Body contacted Goff Media, they were literally being "crushed" by unfair trade practices from big insurance companies. It turns out that these unfair practices and cost cutting were not only hurting our client, but their customers as well. Our task was to expose the insurance company practices of cutting corners on auto body repairs. We went on to brand Providence Auto Body as the quality provider that did not bow to pressure from cost conscious insurance companies. Our ads articulated that a repair done to the highest quality and safety standards was "job 1" ! The resulting campaign "Goliath Insurance" significantly increased sales for our client and even spawned iconic change in Rhode Island law to protect consumers for insurance company practices. Goff Media also earned a prestigious Gold Addy award from the AAF for one of the campaigns radio advertisements.

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American Pest Solutions

American Pest Solutions is a one hundred plus year old family owned business. American Pest Solutions contacted us about increasing their media presence and embarking on new marketing strategies in the face of increasing competition. We thought animating the company's character "the Good Guy" into a television and web based cartoon character was a good idea. In addition, we developed a musical score and jingle for "413 pest free dot com" and enhanced the companies internet strategy. Web traffic has more than doubled to the clients website, and they were recently lauded as a "Super Sixty" fast growth company by their regional chamber of commerce.

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Fenway Golf

Fenway Golf was a well established family business when Goff Media took a stroll across the Par 3 course a few years ago. We proposed re- position ing their business as a full family entertainment complex with the "Fenway Fun" slogan and a cute animated Golf Ball. The campaign has been a hit with "kids" of all ages, and our Golf Ball has become the iconic mascot of Fenway Golf. Goff Media executed a broadcast and new internet website and web strategy, as well as developed a unique television ad featuring animation over existing video footage.

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Fly By Night 15 second spots

Goff Media returned to Fly By Night to create a "Harrison Ford" cartoon character to introduce a new line of all natural mattresses. Goff Media researched the buying "hot buttons" with customers and developed a series of short ads highlighting the positives of the new Berkley Ergonomic mattresses. The new campaign is broadcast on television, radio and in targeted print and direct mail. Despite a serious recession in retail, the natural mattress segment has been a bright spot for Fly By Night.

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Beers & Story Funeral Home

Funeral Home advertising is a very sensitive topic. Goff Media took on the challenge to create a campaign that was both touching and emotional. Response from the public has been positive, and the campaign is proving successful for our client.

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Corporate and Training Videos

Improved speed to internet has opened a new chapter for business with Corporate and training videos, accessible from your companys website or You Tube. The Goff Media team has experience in writing and creating extended video seminars and corporate training videos. Our example is a eight minute "how to lay pavers" for Chicopee Masons Supply

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Public Relations

At one time, Toyota had a Teflon image for quality. In recent years, several high profile and quality issues have tarnished the company's brand. In an effort to avert a public realtions disaster, Toyota was contacting owners of the Tacoma for an inspection, and then offering to buy them back for 150% of book value if the vehicles met damage criteria. As noble as the offer was for Tacoma owners, this was the first serious quality issue to surface for Toyota, and domestic dealers were eager to make it a news story. Goff Media developed a press release with complete information on the buyback, photos of damaged Tacoma's and customer interviews with those whom participated in the buyback. This well executed press campaign made headlines across New England and later the United States.


Client Testimonials

"Our floor traffic increased over 300% within six months of starting our campaign"
Flooring Store

"Our business increased over 70% over the five years we used Goff Media"
Jewelry Store

"Our business increased over 20% annually under Goff Media"
Automotive Dealership

"We increased our furniture store business over 48% in one year after increasing our advertising with Goff Media."
Furniture Store

"We now handle more repair claims than any other auto body shop repair shop in our state. Plus, during a down economy, our business was up 20% from last year"
AutoBody Repair Client

"We increased our fuel oil customer list over 400% in three years through direct mail marketing with Goff Media."
Fuel Oil Company

"We e-commerce business has been turbocharged and grown at more than a 40% annual rate consistently through 2009."
Online e-commerce company

History of Goff Media

Goff Media and Marketing is a team of talented strategic and creative thinkers, led by Mr. David Goff. Over the years, Mr. Goff has made millions of dollars for his employers and clients through exceptional marketing, sales and branding strategies. It all started when Mr. Goff was a young news and radio announcer in the 1980's, and discovered the power of persuasion through radio advertising. Mr. Goff held two highly decorated senior advertising and management positions in broadcasting. After increasing one radio stations revenues by a whopping 85 percent in just one year, the owners whom paid just over a million dollars for the property later sold if for over nine million dollars! Interested in creating his own company, Mr. Goff formed Goff Media and Marketing in 1996 to provide advertising and marketing services to retail customers. The premise of the strategy was simple:

  • a) Utilize his extensive inside knowledge of the advertising sales business to negotiate remarkable advertising programs which lowered the cost of clients advertising purchase by between 20%-40%

  • b) Create highly persuasive and stand out creative at a fraction of the price of big advertising agencies

The results have been that Mr. Goff's clients have become major successes, increasing sales by hundreds of thousands and in many cases, millions of dollars!

  • Car dealerships that increased sales as much as twenty percent a year for a number of years!
  • A recreational Vehicle dealer which increased sales by forty percent one year!
  • Several furniture stores increased sales between fifteen and fifty percent in one year!
  • An oil Company increased its customer list by over 400% in one year
  • A flooring Store was recognized nationally as North America's Flooring Store of the year
  • A computer reseller grew from a small mom and pop company to the Top One percent in North America
  • A funeral home which had double digit increases in their sales!
  • A nightclub which increased business by double digits every year!
  • A pest control company which had double digit sales increases!
  • An auto body shop which became the top volume car repair facility in their state
  • Seven of Mr. Goff's clients have been recognized by their Chambers of Commerce as some of the fastest growing businesses in the region
  • Mr. Goff has conceptualized and launched several successful print and e-commerce companies including, Music Revue and websites for Goff Media's client companies.
  • Goff Media also conceptualized and created numerous how to videos for the internet which also are posting top results for views and recommendations on You Tube

Can Goff Media make millions for you and your company? We think so! Ask us about our success based compensation models today!
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